Econowiser Fire Exit Signage

EL-30HUK Emergency Light

The ECONOWISER has been one of the most reliable brands for Emergency Light and Emergency Exit Signage in the market. “It is a light source that is around on the moment you need it most”.

It is designed to provide long service life (3 to 5 years) without failure. It can be readily mounted in places that are difficult to maintain. Even though the ECONOWISER is not the cheapest, but it is the most ECONOmical and the WISER choice in buying. It is widely used by more serious users like hospitals, supermarkets, malls, movies theaters, night shift schools, call centers, security areas, etc.

The ECONOWISER Emergency lights are engineered for quality. It has life-saving reliability, and its guaranteed durability supports our pro-environmental advocacies.

Econowiser Emergency Lights LED

EL-30HUK : P3,590.00

EL-10HUK (Fixed lamp) : P5,690.00

Econowiser ES-8HUK Fire Exit Signages (Ceiling and Wall Mount)

ES-8HUK (SINGLE SIDED) Exit Light : P3,590.00

ES-8HUK (DOUBLE SIDED) Exit Light : P4,400.00

Bracket (Ceiling Mounted) : P400.00/SET

Bracket (Wall Mounted) : P750.00/SET

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice